300885 Building Regulation Studies and Management

300885 Building Regulation Studies and Management


Question 1. Executive Summary

Referring to the architectural plans and elevations of the Residential Flat Building, please comment on the general and specific characteristics of the proposed project including the following:

  • Site analysis (direction of wind flow, sunlight path and location of major noise sources)
  • Location on site (site orientation and passive solar design)
  • Demographic summary of the suburb (use demographics from Australian Bureau of Statistics, Residex, RP Data, Realestate.com.au or similar)
  • Major structural materials (i.e. timber, concrete, steel etc.)
  • Location of the nearest fire station (response time and distance from proposed site)
  • Extent of works (general scope of works)
  • Rise in stories (R.I.S.)
  • Building Classification (single or multiple)
  • Effective height and actual height (measured from natural ground level in metres)
  • Type of construction required (A, B or C)

Question 2. Structure

Identify and list the major structural materials used in this project, its unit weight/density and the relevant Australian Standard (AS) or similar for that material. For instance, what is the unit weight of masonry, concrete, structural steel, timber and similar in relation to your project and what is the relevant Australian Standard (AS), which applies to them. You may provide your answers in a tabulated form.

Question 3. Fire Resisting Construction

3.1 What is the distance between the external walls or columns on the ground floor level and the nearest Fire Source Feature (FSF) in the North, East, South and West direction?

3.2 What are the minimum Fire Resistance Level (FRL) requirements for the external loadbearing members on the ground floor level of the project?

Question 4.  Accessibility and Evacuation

4.1 Accessibility

  1. a) What are the minimum necessary (required) Access and Egress requirements for this project at:
  2. Basement carpark level 1 and 2
  3. Ground floor level
  4. People with a disability on level 01

Does the proposed project comply with the BCA 2019 minimum necessary standards?

4.2 Travel distances

  1. What are the travel distances requirements for the Sole Occupancy Units located on level 07 to the nearest required exit. Does the proposed project comply with the BCA 2019 minimum necessary standards?

Question 5.  Services and Equipment

5.1 Firefighting equipment

What are the minimum necessary firefighting equipment (extinguishers, hose reels, hydrants, sprinklers etc.) requirements for the proposed project at the Ground Floor Level?

5.2 Smoke hazard management

What are the minimum requirements to manage smoke hazard in the basement level carpark 1 and 2 of the proposed project according to the BCA 2019?

5.3 Lift installations

What is the type of vehicle and passenger lift installation in this building? Does it meet the minimum necessary standards for the proposed project according to the BCA and the Australian Standards?

5.4 Emergency lighting, exit signs and warning systems

What are the emergency lighting, exit signs and warning system requirements for the Ground Floor Level?

Question 6. Health and Amenity and Energy Efficiency

6.1 Damp and Weatherproofing

What measures have been employed for the disposal of storm water resulting from a storm having an average recurrence interval of 20 years (1 in 20 year storm event)?

6.2 Sanitary facilities

What are the sanitary provision requirements for the residential units located on level 07 and the commercial premises located on the ground floor level?

6.3 Room Heights

What are the minimum ceiling height requirements of the kitchen, laundry and bedrooms in the 2 bed sole occupancy unit located on the Ground Floor Level (G02)?  

6.4 Lighting and Ventilation

What are the lighting and ventilation requirements for the sanitary facility located in the Double 2B (604) on level 07?

6.5 Sound Transmission and insulation

  1. What are the sound transmission requirements of the ceiling located on the seventh floor (Level 07)?
  2. What are the thermal insulation requirements of the roof covering level 07?

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