3504NSC Aviation Project: Airports and Affordable Travel

3504NSC Aviation Project: Airports and Affordable Travel


Assessment Title: Secondary airports and affordable travel:An argument for Australian development


The aim of this report is to assess and analyse the success of secondary airports globally and determine whether these factors are compatible for use within the Australian market.


Travel, whether for business, recreation or other personal reasons is slowly becoming a modern necessity for many people, rather than a privilege for those wealthy enough to enjoy it. Much the same as trains, buses, maintained roads, infrastructure, the internet or mobile connectivity, affordable air travel has transformed from a luxury into a part of living a regular life high (InterVISTAS, 2018)

One of the first and key aspects for a successful aviation project is the subject that you choose. You need to start thinking about what will you be studying for your project. A link with the aviation industry could be relevant for the research project, but the key is your interest in the topic and data availability (secondary or primary) relating to the aviation subject.

The project proposal can also be used to structure your draft of the final project report (the first section of the proposal would go into your introduction section, and the second section would go into the literature review and methods sections).

Topic Area:

  • Airport Development and Growth

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