5BM503 Project Management Operations-document specifies the assessment

5BM503 Project Management Operations-document specifies the assessment



Welcome to your new module. We hope you enjoy your studies. This document specifies the assessment/s for this module. We want you to be successful at the highest possible levels. You should find the assessment/s to be clear, relevant, accessible, appropriate and challenging.

This assessment brief tells you:

1. what the module is about overall
2. what the module Learning Outcomes are
3. what assessment/s you must pass, in order to successfully complete the module
4. what you need to do in the assessment/s
5. how your work will be assessed and marked
6. how to present your work for marking
7. where to access the University of Derby Assessment regulations
8. where to get other assessment-related help and support.

Learning Outcomes

All modules in UK Higher Education have learning outcomes that you will study towards and then demonstrate you have met them. In order to do this, you will draw on many factors such as:

• your prior learning and experience
• the module learning units and task
• your wider reading, reflection (and possibly practice)
• and, also the expertise of your tutors and other students.
In most modules, it will be clear exactly which of these learning outcomes is assessed in which of the assessments you have to submit and pass.
On successful completion of this learning, and this module, you will be able to:

1. Assess the need for change and develop strategies for managing change;
2. Define, assess, resource and schedule a feasible industry project

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