8-1 Short Paper: Aggression in Childhood

8-1 Short Paper: Aggression in Childhood

Please use the articles attached the write the paper.
Please follow all instructions with paper.

Address the role of aggression in childhood and evaluate whether a child who displays aggressive tendencies automatically transitions into an aggressive adolescent and adult.

Discuss environmental factors such as school environment and whether these cause a child to develop into the roles of victim or bully.

Bear in mind the differences in child/adolescent aggression and adult aggression and how they are classified differently within the DSM-5.

What factors could influence the level of aggression? Be sure to incorporate the Module Eight readings into your argument.

Specifically, your paper should address the following:
An assessment of the role of aggression in childhood development
An evaluation of environmental factors on aggression within each age range
A description of child, adolescent, and adult aggression within the DSM-5 classification
A determination of which factors influence aggression across each age range


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