ACCT 5001 Introduction to Accounting-pre-pandemic net profit result

ACCT 5001 Introduction to Accounting-pre-pandemic net profit result


The current pandemic has fundamentally changed industries and businesses. There are numerous real world examples of supply shortages and increased costs. Your assignment is as follows:

1. Find TWO articles that discuss cost issues/labour shortages/supply issues that have resulted due to the Pandemic. Ensure you provide a link to these two articles.

2. Using these two articles, discuss how a specific business’ cost/revenue structure has been impacted. Ensure are using managerial concepts such as cost-volume-profit, budgeting, etc. For a specific business, you may decide to focus on restaurants, manufacturers, retailers, etc.

3. Provide ONE or TWO recommendations for the business. What could they do to try and achieve pre-pandemic net profit results?

For this assignment, you MUST be concise and efficient. Set-up your assignment as follows:

ISSUE: Based on the two articles read, the issue is….

ANALYSIS: The key business areas impacted are [you may include data visuals here]. Try to keep this point form if you can. 

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