ACMCAS302-Companion Animal Selection and General Care

ACMCAS302-Companion Animal Selection and General Care
Assignment Task


Provide information and advice on companion animal selection 

You are to complete provided advice on companion animal selection and general care for four different clients_ Using the scenario below. You will be expected to answer and demonstrate the following questions, In relation to the scenario. For the scenarios, you are to complete the questionnaire on  dog and cat selector, using all the information below. Complete the questionnaire and then choose a breed from the list that has been suggested and answer the questions You are to choose a different breed for all scenarios.

Scenario 1

Ms. Stacey Michaels is a 32-year-old single mum with 2 boys ages 8 and 12. She lives in a house in the suburbs with a medium sized secured backyard. Stacey works from home, so the dog would not be alone at all. Stacey’s elderly IvlunThi o en stays over to help with the boys.

She loves to exercise and wants a companion with moderate energy levels to accompany her. She will exercise the dog for more than 1 hour a day. This is extremely important to her. Her requirements for the breed are: Medium- Large size do short coat he will groom the dog once a week, she is willing to spend around $ 35.00 per week on food. e og is to give a warning bark to protect her property. Stacey owned a dog when she lived with her parents.

Scenario 2 

Mrs. Susan Johnson is a 77-year-old elderly widow with 3 grandchildren aged 3, 7 and 11. She lives in a house in the suburbs with a small secured backyard. Susan has retired although she looks after the youngest grandchild 3 days a week at her home, she has a quite active social life so the dog would be left on its own between 10 —15 hours per week. She doesn’t exercise too much about 30 minutes a day and wants a quiet companion dog to accompany her. Her requirements for the breed are small to medium size dog, short to medium coat, she will groom the dog twice a week, she

will spend up to $25.00 per week on food. The dog is to give warning barks to protect her property. Susan has had a number of dogs over her life, although they all have been large breeds.

Scenario 3

Mr Doug Brody is a 54-year-old divorced bank manager, he has 4 adult children that don’t live with him. He lives in an apartment in the city. He has a 4 -year-old male desexed Burmese named ‘Bruce’. Bruce is slightly overweight and wants to get him a companion. Doug believes that the cats should be inside most of the time to protect the native wildlife. With Doug’s job, he would be away from home between 6-12 hours per day. Doug would like the new addition to be playful, pedigree with a larger physique and short coat and he has no preference of colour. he likes a talkative cat. Doug only wants to spend an hour on grooming per week.

Scenario 4

Mrs Belinda Smart is a 2Syear-old newlywed primary school teacher. Her and her husband have just moved into their new large home in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. They already have a 2-year-old Pug named “Paul”. Belinda has always wanted a cat, but her dad was not a fan and wasn’t allowed to have one in their family home. Belinda’s husband often works night shift, so there is usually someone home all of the time. The cat will be able to go outdoors but most of the time would be inside. Belinda would like the new addition to be playful, pedigree with a smaller physique and short coat, she really likes the Blue/Grey colour, she likes a talkative cat. Belinda only wants to spend an hour on grooming per week.

Answer the following questions

1. List all the breeds that were recommended (take a screen shot/photo)

2. Choose one (1) breed from each of the scenarios

a. Name the breed

b. What is the scientific name?

c. What are the characteristics of the breed?

d. Explain why the breed is suit to the client

e. Discuss housing requirements — set up and maintenance

i.Cleaning remiges to provide high standards of infection control and zoonosis

ii.Environmental sustainably for cleaning housing

f.How to introduce the animal to its new environment and other animals


g. Preventative health measures include the following (give examples of products that could be used)

i. Vaccinations

ii.Flea treatment regime

iii.Intestinal worming regime

iv.Heartworm treatment regime

h. Dietary requirements for lifestage (give examples of products that could be used)

i. Supplements

ii. Treats

i Grooming requirement for animals

i. How often

ii.Tools required

iii.Services that could be used

Enrichment tool

i.    Toys

ii.    Food

iii.    Social

k. Transport requirement

i. Products that can be used to support transport (cat carrier etc.)

H. Name a transport company

Ili. Instruction on how to contact this company

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