Advanced Machine Learning – IT Assignment Help

Advanced Machine Learning – IT Assignment Help
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Advanced Machine Learning

Note: Submit your assignment as a single typed pdf along with your code (.zip) in Brightspace. Please do not include your report (the pdf) in the zip file. No handwritten note will be accepted. Your report (the pdf) must be self-contained.

In this Part you are going to explore how “triplet loss” works. There is no implementation in this part. Triplet loss is a loss function for artificial neural networks where a baseline (anchor) input is compared to a positive (truthy) input and a negative (falsely) input. The distance from the baseline (anchor) input to the positive (truthy) input is minimized, and the distance from the baseline (anchor) input to the negative (falsely) input is maximized. The loss function can be described using a Euclidean distance function. The triplet is formed by drawing an anchor input, a positive input that describes the same entity as the anchor entity, and a negative input that does not describe the same entity as the anchor entity. These inputs are then run through the network, and the outputs are used in the loss function.

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