Analyze the current strategies in the current 10 p |

Analyze the current strategies in the current 10 p |

Additionally, please take another look at the following resources: The Complete Guide to Lead Segmentation (Links to an external site.)Chapter 6: Target Market Analysis: How to Reach the Right Audience With the Right Pitch (Links to an external site.)Top 5 Leadership Videos Less Than 5-Minutes Long (Links to an external site.), and Budgeting Vs. Financial Forecasting: What’s the Difference? (Links to an external site.)

Research is the foundation for developing an effective strategic management program, and this third team assignment gives you and your team members the opportunity to conduct some library and internet research. You are required to work together to complete the mini-case on page 159 of the textbook. Note that the instructions require you to determine if Facebook should acquire, cooperate, or stay fierce rivals with LinkedIn. When performing your research, change the date range to the current year, and consider what Facebook should do in the next couple of years. The Advanced Internet Search Techniques (Links to an external site.) sheet may offer some assistance with your search.

As noted in the mini-case instructions in the text, your team is to do the following: Research and read the most current 10 press releases. These press releases are what should be cited as information sources, along with your textbook.

Based on the press releases, see if you can identify two strategies that Facebook is executing. This tactic is good practice because you will be doing similar things when you research your competition for your own business.

The strategies you identify must be strategies discussed in the text or strategies found in a publication other than the text. Simply stating that the organization is executing strategy X is not enough. You must link the characteristics of the identified strategy to information obtained from the Facebook press releases or from other sources about Facebook operations.

In the team paper,

  • Analyze the current strategies in the current 10 press releases.
  • Identify two appropriate strategies.
  • Analyze the Facebook press releases to locate perspective and support for the two strategies identified.