Apple Keynote Review

Apple Keynote Review

Watch Apples 2022 event/speeches and answer the following.

What was introduced?

Which are new products? Which are line extensions?

How do you know?

What tools were used by Apple to communicate its new product line — make sure you include both traditional, event, and digital advertising tools as well as in store to identify the different tools. What was the target audience for each? The main message? Were there any specials or discounts for specific audiences?


  • Describe the steps in conducting qualitative field research. Be sure to discuss how to prepare for the field as a researcher, in order to do qualitative research and record observations. List and elaborate.
  • Why are traditional tests inappropriate for the assessment of ELLs English Language Learners- ? Identify and explain 3 components to adapt the assessment process for bilingual students.
  • Choose one type of childhood cancer and discuss pathophysiology and prognosis of the disease.
  • Watch the following video that explains the endosymbiotic theory, how the mitochondria were formed, and discuss the basis for this scientific theory (are the evidence provided convincing, yes or no, and why?
  • Now that you have written a thesis statement and created an outline for your paper, you will use the critical reading skills practiced in this course to defend your interpretation of the literary text you have chosen to analyze. Keep in mind the importance of close reading or reading between the lines.
  • Apple Keynote Review
  • Identify the research question, the hypotheses, and the null hypotheses for each study. – Identify the variables and their attributes in each study.
  • Is Garcin a coward? Why or why not?
  • Central themes of the lectures and the readings have been the evolving ideas of equality, democracy, and limited government.
  • You have been hired as a business consultant, who is considered an expert in CSR, to help two environmentally-conscious entrepreneurs who want to start a new company that designs solar-powered cellular phones (NOT a case or charger). The cell phones will run on the Android operating system. The entrepreneurs are looking for advice regarding several decisions they need to make.
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