Assessment Solutions | Analysing the Forensic DNA: AS2063

Assessment Solutions | Analysing the Forensic DNA: AS2063

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Forensic Analysis
The Simul8 provides acomplete work system that help …

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Forensic Analysis
The Simul8 provides acomplete work system that helps in evaluation and the
determination of features that would be essential in carrying out the forensic science analysis.
The system provides an analysis on the proper tools that will be used sufficiently in analysing
the forensic DNA in the unit work flow process. Due to the wide range in the statistical
distribution that is available there is acustomized programming language with the rightful
ability in modifying the resources. The use of this of the software therefore meets the
requirements that are needed in asuccessful simulation of all the DNA processes that are
needed for the forensic analysis. The training was therefore marked for agiven number of
days on the usage of the software especially within the laboratory.
The process therefore entails the entire processes used for the forensic case that starts
from the reception at the laboratory and ends at the delivery of the laboratory report with all
the results in the analysis. Therefore, the key point placed into consideration while running
the process will be emphasized during the whole process in the flexibility of the Simul8 with
the application to all the processes that entails the bus driving from the departure station. The
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process passes through different channels to enhance in production of relevant results from
the DNA forensic analysis. The multidimensional simulations processes involve the
examining the methods that will amount to the time and work that required for the
completion of all the necessary steps that are important in distance. The model is equally is
used in enhancing the black screen system that works in asimilar way that the process map
would be sketched in all the process map and on paper.
This therefore, connects the process in astepwise function that reflects the actual
forensic workflow. This means that at any given point of the analysis of the model system,
the user has all the freedom to add the labels and the characteristics to the work items with
the sole purpose of the forensic analysis case. The model Simulink is totally used to aid in the
forensic analysis of the crime scene. Analysis of all the biological processes separation
materials within the laboratory are separated into two distinct forensic analysis methods. This
therefore consist of blood, salivaand then adetailed report about the whole process. The
report covers areas such as investigation of all the DNA analysis process. The analysis
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therefore incorporates the capillary electrophoresis, relevant statistics and all the PCR
amplication. Different staffs are involved in one discipline throughout the training process.
The characteristics that are included in the analysis will aid in producing measurable
data point. The entry point at which the work process enters the system is included as anew
laboratory that enhances anew laboratory request system for the DNA analysis to all the
individual cases. The individual characteristic that entails the case type and the case priority
within the system requires all the numbers of samples to be assigned at this stage.
The unique characteristics will therefore allow the users of the model in identifying
the differences that are present in the collection of data at all the analysis levels. The
references that are used in the analysis are considered to be samples of saliva that are
collected from all the parties that are involved in one way or the other for all the comparison
purposes. Each and every characteristic will allow the user to create adistribution that will be
entirely based on the collection of the real data that takes place in the laboratory. Due to her
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lack of detailed process expertise, she was able to query employees about their approaches
without having to create expectations on why certain actions were taken.
Without any expectations, she was able to think outside the box, forcing the analysts
to describe their processes in greater depth, broadening their understanding of why they
accomplish jobs the way they do.
The analysis process therefore included five different areas to produce an efficient and
effective analysis process on the crime scene areas. The processes involved here included the
property crime, the cold cases, the reference samples, and all the rush cases for all the
forensic analysis data. Throughout the simulation process, itwas noticed that the case
distribution provide a33 percent current cases, with all other cases sharing the remaining
processing process.
The whole process in the distribution took place in the Simul8 software so as to
enable the modelling of new work entry point over certain period of time.
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The storage bin found within the simul8 software was used in holding the work items
until the work centre and the work centre will be ready for all the case proceeds to the
preceding stages. Equally, the storage bin plays an important role in ensuring that the there is
an identification process in the occurrence of the bottlenecks of the whole process. The
performance measure that is used in the production of the data system throughout the
individual project will help in accessing the necessary impacts of the project objects and
goals that are able to aid in the reduction of the backlog.
Equally, the process ensures areduction in the turnaround time with the increase in
the number of all the DNA samples that are analysed. The Data that is obtained from the
system is stored within the number samples that are analysed within agiven month or ayear
period. The laboratory is used to provide data that forms the baseline in the performance
measure data that works best for the forensic data orb DNA analysis. The laboratory
employed the use of data from the year 2009 as the baseline performance measured data
system that was used in provision.
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This means that the relevant hits were about 400n while that of the unit received were
at the value 120 as the years continued progressing. Therefore, the overall turnout in the time
used increased in all the cases types that were compared in the start of the period that is used
to carry out the project (Richard et al 2012). The DNA overall turnout equally continued to
increase for all the cases as compared to the initial start of the project. The tremendous
decrease in the number of the of the relevant samples that are used in the analysation process
per unit analysts in every year will be caused by the removal of crime laboratory to a
different facility or location within the preceding years in carrying out the project.
In the scenarios whereby the resources are focused on the DNA reporting and the
reviewing of the entire backlog the analysis process tends to take the shortest time possible.
This also applies to the number of samples that are amplified and goes down will all the cases
that will be completed.
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The performances matrices in the process were very short in the expectations which
are amajor shift in the number of significant efficiencies in the improvement in the resulting
time saving and cost saving processes. The DNA processes entail the usage of more than 18
units that are efficient to aid in the improvement and the relevant documentation of the
outcomes that involves the improvement procedures through the implementation procedures
(Richard et al 2012). The simulation process entails all the processes that are relevant in the
proving that the model is consistence with all the laboratory processes.
Other Exit Points that were created in the process helped in capturing especially
when the laboratory is used for carrying out the testing process at aparticular time or stage.
Equally, there can be adjustment in the testing and DNA analysis process.
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Therefore, in running the various test, itwill be evident that the variation model
system will create the most secure and accurate reflection especially in the lower number of
all the cases that are involved in the laboratory comparison of all the actual data system. The
entire DNA processes involved in the system involves the quantity and the capability of
extracting atwo to four strands in the DNA system. The return on investment analysis
ensures that there is aperformance measure in the evaluation of the profitability and the
efficiency of the investment ratios.
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This can equally compare with the number of different investments as ittries to
directly measure all the return on aparticular investment that is relative to the investment
costs. The ROI findings therefore suggest that the whole process analysis works best in
ensuring that the return on the investment policies are achieved in terms of the ideas that are
incorporated into the forensic analysis and the financial obligations to aid in the holistic
process. The analysis in the DNA process and the creation of the cold cases project were
separated through the use of specific samples that were very much essential in the
comparison purposes.
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Richard M, Kupferschmid T. Increasing Efficiency of Forensic DNA Casework Using Lean
Six Sigma Tools. Final Report June 2011. Received from Accessed: August 13, 2012.

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