Assessment Solutions | Evidence of Viability: ACCG3001

Assessment Solutions | Evidence of Viability: ACCG3001

Evidence of Viability
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Evidence of Viability
Evidence of Viability
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Talented people make the new ve …

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Evidence of Viability
 2022 1of 3
Evidence of Viability
Evidence of Viability
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Talented people make the new venture viable. These are all technical advancement ideas. This
will help the team execute new business ideas. Individual skills determine business proposal
fitness. In agood proposal, the entrepreneur’s skills (Marnewick et al 2019 p.5016). This helps
pupils learn about business. And the new project suits the atmosphere. Today, technology
dominates the business and home in Australia. This proves the new venture’s viability. Any
company opportunity must be highly relevant. Comparatively (Huemann & Silvius 2017p.1070).
Changes in the environment affect both clients and businesses. To assess acompany’s long-term
prospects, current patterns are essential (Silvius 2017 p.1493). Growth means new business. The
prior corporation’s inability to keep up with technology was a serious concern. Every
businessperson desire expansion. Assess scalability before investing. Revenue, scale, or
profitability growth prospects qualify (Huemann & Silvius 2017 p.1070).
So does the new company’s concept. The founder’s long-term tech commitment. Motivating the
founder is critical (Schipper & Silvius 2018 p.221). A passionate founder wants to build agreat
company. Stakeholders have a clear vision. The new business also helps customers. Unique
design allows up to 12 hours of use. Auxiliary power outlet charging (Huemann & Silvius 2017
These characteristics provide consumers an edge. Ideation Its singularity promises. In terms of
business, the IPad and Tablet outperform prior technology advances (Peerayuth 2019 p.209).
Portable touch-screen laptop or phone. Creativity of the firm Investing in fresh ideas reduces
competition. No one else has the idea (Huemann & Silvius 2017 p.1070).
Evidence of Viability
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A new idea expands market share. A new concept usually causes this. They own practically all of
the market (Younis et al 2019 p.220). Business also helps set it apart from competitors. Less
duplication allows for reduced prices (Huemann & Silvius 2017 p.1070).
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