Assessment Task 3 Instructions

Assessment Task 3 Instructions


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Assessment Task 3 Instructions

Carefully read the following:

To kick off the roll out of the Set for Skilling Program, the CEO has requested you run a staff training for your team of Recruitment Officers in the Set for Skilling Program, who will then be prepared to deliver the training to others in the organisation throughout the coming months. The CEO (assessor) will sit in on this training.

You will utilise the training manual you have created as the primary tool to assist you in training the staff in the organisation requirements of the Set for Skilling Program.

Complete the following activities:

1. Develop a session plan Using the template provided in your resources folder, develop a session plan which includes timings and topics as well as brief instructions to yourself on how to run the training based on the training manual you have developed from the Set for Skilling program documentation. The session must run for approximately 30 mins and the assumption is that all of the participants are familiar with the manual. Your assessor will ensure your team is diverse in nature.

Your training must include: • An introduction outlining the purpose and benefits of the program

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MN: 97 619 537 692 PTO Code: 45509 CRICOS Provider Code:037700 Suite 707, Leveg 1154175 Church Street, Westfield Shopping Centre, Panora., NSW 2150 P 02 8677 3602 EnSI: • A summary of the training needs identified and how the Set for Skilling Program provides solutions to these • An activity to help participants become aware of and let go of any negative belief systems, bias or judgements they may hold toward people who are different from them — based on what you developed in the employee manual • As part of the above process you as the Recruitment Manager must share an example of your own previous bias and how you overcame this and let go of pre-conceived ideas of stereotypes • A series of activities such as role plays directly demonstrating how to follow the procedures for: • managing tension created by difference • identifying and managing harassment allegations • employee conflict and complaints processes. You need to specifically develop some role plays for the participants ensuring that you play the lead role and each of the participants has a turn to play the roles of people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. The aim of this is to demonstrate and model how to address issues of difference, manage tensions and work effectively with difference, along with demonstrating how conflict resolution techniques can be utilised. Access the case study document in your student resources folder for ideas.

Submit the session plan to your assessor for review before scheduling the training session with your assessor and delivering it.

2. Deliver the training session

Using the session plan, deliver the training to a group of three participants arranged by your assessor. Your assessor will sit in and watch the training session in the role of the CEO.