Assignment Answers Pdf Of Coming In The City Of Peterson:ANCH0100

Assignment Answers Pdf Of Coming In The City Of Peterson:ANCH0100

Peterson and
Immigration of
May, 1875
Entry 1: Coming in the city of Peterson
As an immigrant in the city of Peterson, new jersey. …

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Peterson and
Immigration of
May, 1875
Entry 1: Coming in the city of Peterson
As an immigrant in the city of Peterson, new jersey. Iveronica an immigrant from
Italy. Because of the poverty and unemployment, Im, moved here. I’m in my early twenties
with my husband Andrew we shifted here. We have hereabout the silk mills wanted labor to
work her any advertisements meant. Therefore Iand my husband shifted here for a better job
opportunity However t,the wages that Iget and what my husband gets have ahuge difference,
which Isuppose is because of my gender. But we both work the same hour and time (Lardier
et al.).
November, 1876
Entry 2: Setting down
Settling down in this city was not hard, as most of my countrymen did reside here. As
this city was one of the nation ’sleading centers for mills which covered the raw silk into
clothing that was usually worn by the rich Americans. Idid come here and Idid not need any
further pushing up for the job as io has heard that working here will my living better. I
wanted to earn adreamy life for myself and my husband. Idid unknown anything about the
weaving as formerly Iwas working as ahouses assistant in Italy. Some of my friends came
here early making this city not an entire alien (Avery-Quinn).
August, 1878
Entry 3: working in the mill
As aworker in the mill, Iwas working for twelve hours and the work Iwas doing was
mostly repetitive. The only break Igot was of 20 minutes. During this time Ihad to finish the
meal. The working conditions were not as good as what we had thought about itwas more
dreaming, dark working atmosphere, people usually treat as outsides and inhuman. Ican see
that there are no laws that will protect us. At the time Iwas harassed sexually but did not
know where to report such an incident which now Ithink is because itwas not something
new and never seen anyone repelling such harassment (Diner).
November, 1890
Entry 4: World is changed by the urbanization
Ihad seen the world-changing from my country to the shift in machinery, Ihave seen
my mother and father working on afarm and here I’m working in afactory twelve houses a
day with limited pay. Ican see that more hiring services wanted more people of my kind or
those who are not experienced in weaving or standing for twelve hours. What Ican conclude
from this shift in machinery is that the making of the product is at avery fast rate the use of
machinery. One morning which helped in the increases in the demand for silk was that the
Americans built the railways which transfer the silk cloth much easier with more people
demanding the product (Bertucci).
October, 1897
Entry 5: Disappointment in working
Apart from everything that Ifeel is that the owner of the mill company does here hire
children which Ido not like as children should be out there playing not working on twelve
hours shifts Ibelieve one of the reasons why the children hire is that they are made much
lesser than the adults and that because of their petite body they can sip in the little tiny holes
of the machinery which Icannot reach anyhow. Istarted working here because of the need to
fulfill my family ’sdemands (Bertucci).
January, 1901
Entry 6: Racism
Ihave been working here for the past few years and Icould not find any improvement
in my life rather than my deteriorating health. What is seen in these years is that Americans
were getting all the luxury of life and they never worked with us in the mill but this just gave
us the orders while living acomfortable life. On the other hand, the lives which we were
living were miserable with very less spending. Iwould say that Iwas paid much lesser than
what Iwas paid on my country ’sisland (Lardier et al.).
Ivery strongly remember one day my neighbor who was also an Italian immigrant
was arrested out of nowhere and sent to the island of Ellis, later the American officers told us
that he was suspicious of the bomb plotting on the wall street, later the news came of him
being deported to Italy (Bertucci).
February, 1913
Entry 7: Strikes
The strike of 1913 is the incident in question which Iremember as the strikes began
with awalkout at the Doherty Mill over the four-loom system’s implementation. It quickly
escalated into ageneral strike led by world war I,with 25,000 employees from nearly all of
Paterson’s 300 mills and dye houses taking part, many of them women and children(Lardier
et al.).
As an Italian woman in America Ihad faced, those who dared to cross the color line
were met with not just the federal government’s vengeance, but also the wrath of vigilante
whites. Ihave also seen people lynched for allegedly breaking local racial codes, among other
things (Lardier et al.).
February, 1915
Entry 8: My overall experience
What Iunderstand from this racial discrimination was the refusal of Italian
immigrants to see blacks as the adversary, as well as the severe consequences of their
attempts to join forces, which are what connects the history of lynching and repression
against the left. Such acts of defiance shook the foundations of white supremacy to their core,
and as aresult, they were attacked, murdered, and silenced (Avery-Quinn).
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