Assignment Answers pdf of Impact on the Leadership

Assignment Answers pdf of Impact on the Leadership

Leadership, advocacy and research
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Leadership, advocacy and research
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Part – A : Personal Statement
In deciding of an effective curriculum, there is an involvement of the district
authorities and not any individual teachers . The n most prominent ones involved in deciding
of the curriculum are the district authorities and somewhat to a certain extent the community
ca rries out the information (Ross & Cozzens, 2016) . The teachers then accumulate the set
curriculum by having enough experiences and know about the competencies which is
considered to be the central of the curriculum development effort. The parents also have an
important role on the curriculum by providing exact resources as well as monitoring their
wards and solving their problems well that helps in contributing the child development.
The teachers do not have the authority to use any teaching materials as w ell as
methodologies which are simply contrary to the school policies. I find that the role of family
has the most important contributions and make the first educational environment as the child
gets his initial guidance from his or her parents. T he role o f community on the other hand is
said to be preparing the child to play certain roles in the society in which they live. Their role
is to make the students understand the environment as a whole and even in giving specific
trainings to simply increase the k nowledge along with the expertise. I have witnessed that
family simply contributes in different learning situations and even maintaining the moral
Family contributes to the programs by training the children to master their ways of
personal deve lopment and even influencing the development of the child. The compassion as
well as the aspects of promoting the emotional reactions (Day , Gu & Sammons, 2016) . The
responsibility of parents in educating the child by giving them insights on how to take car e
the specific programs in which they are being assigned to. The role of family according to me
for these programs are to make proper coordination so that the experiences as well as the
relevant knowledge is being implemented in the curriculum.
In the com munity where the students reside plays an important role as it shapes their
overall development. The community promotes the understanding of the environment and
how to communicate with different people (Huguet, 2017) . Its role is to make them aware of
thei r behavioural aspects as well as in contributing towards the different communities who
helps in shaping their knowledge by sharing different ideas and stories of success. There are
several aspects which involves different ideas and conditions in improving their learning
The role of parents and community in the programs by monitoring the experiences
and even in correspondence with proper acceptance of the child. There are several
developments regarding the talents and the educational activities which gives the children
perspective regarding their learnings (Sellmaier, 2019) . Children get influenced by the groups
in which they are said to be presen t as per the manifestation of the different habits . The
community in terms of having proper social li fe which consists of different ideas and making
proper relationships in terms of getting various knowledge regarding the manifestations of the
process in between the interactions in the company.
Part -B: Report
Background of the issue
The district author ities decide on the curriculum and then the teachers work on the
curriculum . The role of family as well as the community towards the programs are
substantially important as they make proper success of in terms of acquiring better
knowledge. The role of fam ily depends upon making the students understand the specific
experiences for handling their educational needs and at the same time learning about the
stories which contribute in better learning process (Shaked, 2019) . Community sets certain
behavioural standards that makes the students learn about different behavioural patterns.
Community and family allows the child to know about their potential in terms of knowing
proper involvements. The goal is to reach in a succes sful position through managing the
programs in a comprehensive manner. There are many questions which are addressed by the
parents and the community. The information is being stated in the community by adding on
several materials that makes the students (Beausaert, 2016) . The knowledge increases
and even helps in improving the grades as well as the behaviour. The remaining issues are on
the progress of the child from the educational programs with proper leadership from teachers,
family along with the community.
Impact on the leadership
There are positive associations between the involvement of the parents and the
different academic achievements. Parents are the initial leaders for their child as they
contribute in guiding them towards a better fut ure and even in improving their self -esteem as
well as the academic performances (Povey, 2016) . Parents and community as the
leaders simply foster in terms of having a motivating culture for having high -quality
experiences for the children and even in developing their top skills by the leaders (Hallinger,
2018) . Communicating regularly with the community members allow the child to expand
their knowledge and even in building important connections while engaging them to shape
their thoughts better. Wor king parents struggle sometimes to take care of their child and their
school activities.
The impact on the leadership role is said to be there and even in managing better
performances of the children in terms of different programs which are considered to be there.
Parents tend to guide their child by showing them real life experiences which are affected in
daily life (Donohoo, 2018) . There are different community members who work on the aspect
where the parents collaborate in better learnings which are con sidered to be needed. Parents
know what are the best ways for their child to learn in an appropriate way. The community
works towards implementing the right methods of public education. The community
influences the children so that they work successfully. The impact is said to be positive as
they play an important role in making them understand the ideas in an appropriate way which
is considered to be needed. Providing proper informed issues which allows the children to
work on the parts which needs proper attention on dealing with most of the sessions based
upon the programs.
In terms of Personal Professional Values
The personal professional values relate t o monitoring the relevant areas in including
proper self -assessing ways which are being formulated (Khalifa, 2020) . The values allow to
proceed with the work and also in managing the knowledge by adding solutions which are
considered to be relevant. There are different gatherings with the parents while attending
regular session that help in developing th e professional values well. There are certain families
as well as the community members who supervise the children with the knowledge and also
in making the parents aware of the resources that are related to the informal meetings
(Khalifa, Gooden & Davis, 2016) . Volunteer learning of the students are important. While
sticking very close to the professional values help in building several relations which have the
willingness to work appropriately. In motivating them to perform better in terms of
academics an d even going to several places which amplified the impacts by giving proper
Beliefs and construction
It is believed that the role of family as well as the community is important in
contributing towards the effective leadership . The leadership in this issue is considered to be
positive as they tend to encourage the needs and even in working towards getting proper
results (Davidson & Wilson, 2017) . There are different ideas to make them analyse the
different points which are said to be necessary. They tend to negatively impact the leaders
and even working on different cultures which helps them in motivating the options well.
There are several results which works in favour of children by giving them proper direction
so that they get motivated with t he new results. They even work towards a certain belief
which are there and makes them work towards motivating the aspects in an appropriate way
which is considered to be possible. The construction of different ideas allows in creating an
impact upon the c ultural aspects as well as in working towards enhancing the diversified
learning and letting the children understand their empowering situations (Wang & Degol,
2016) . The leadership here allows the children to have an in -depth knowledge of their part
and e ven in following certain results which are said to be required while understanding the
results which are known to them. The community somewhat inspires the children with real –
life experiences and also broaden their learnings which are being needed in the c ompany.
There are several commitments on the part of the parents in inspiring the values of others
along with their own by adding new technologies which are said to be there.
While investigating on the issue, it is seen that community plays a substantially
relevant role in terms of the programs that are associated with it. They tend to adhere with the
inspiration and also in knowing how to adopt to the values well. The leaders tend to adopt
their own values in making changes which are considered to be appropriate and also in
managing better outcomes. There are several aspects which helps in working towards
motivating the child in terms of developing better standards of learning. Leaders give a
specific direction to the individuals and also make relevant options in encouraging the
learnings of the students well. There are several approaches that can be used in advocacy of
the research on the role of family and community towards th e programs are given below:
Contingency theory
This approach to leadership is considered to be largely applicable as it helps in
recognizing the variables in terms of understanding the issues and taking the right course of
action. The community sometimes g ives negative influences to the students and this can be
advocated with the effective guidance of the followers which are said to be needed as per the
decisions. Taking the right actions allow the children to perform effectively in the course and
also in m aking a proper balance with the needs, behaviours and the course of actions. There
are best leaders who work in accordance with the level of understanding and even in making
relevant changes which are considered to be necessary. There are several demands o f the
situational variables as per the leadership by analysing the different situations. There are
different needs in terms of having a specific context as per the followers and giving strong
recommendations which will help in improving the effectiveness o f the program well. This
approach towards managing the advocacy is by creating a sense of balance in terms of
accepting the right aspects and even in making them under the different demands of
leadership. Parents make several decisions which largely impact s upon their child’s
behaviour and society tends to shape the different perspectives.
The family is an important social institution which shapes the personality of the
individual and even in making them have a specific communication skill which will help the
students develop the aspects of public speaking and also in realizing issues that are
considered to be true and even in making several changes that are being addressed in the
different situations. There are specific and exciting learning obj ectives which are being
managed in order to know more about the ideas that needs to be well developed in terms of
different programs which are related to the educational qualifications that are considered to
be present. The family needs to guide the childr en in a proper way so that they understand the
relevance of their issues and even in making new changes that are considered to be needed.
The classroom activities should b e emphasizing on the unchanged. The leaders take an
interesting part while managing t he qualities of leaders and even remaining unchanged over
several times that are considered to be there.
The people involved in the community act as a unique character as well as several
goals which addresses most of the children and even makes them belie ve in having proper
support that will broaden their perspectives. The students will develop interest in the
activities that take place in the company and even in recognizing the aspects in an appropriate
way which is said to be needed. There are different collaborations which the community
should make the students aware of the ideas and also in working towards having difference in
the opinions which can be shared in order to make the necessary improvements which builds
a unique character. There must be work shops which addresses the needs of the children and
also make them aware of the importance of saving the environment.
The role of the family is said to be very crucial and this will make several issues in
order to make the best ideas and even in developi ng changes which will enhance the student’s
perception and will make better changes in terms of dealing with different aspects.
Community development is necessary as well as beneficial in most of the areas of life. The
impact of community on the children a re that they tend to grow emotionally , physically and
intellectually and this produces long -term benefits in clearing the family members who play a
vital role in terms of the child and even in working towards getting proper success. Learning
comes from dif ferent forms and the child mostly learns from his observations which they
make from their everyday life. A child’s primary social group is considered to be the family
and having a good foundation is important for the child’s overall developmental programs.
Socializing with new people influenced in the learning better in terms of the programs
and in developing better leadership qualities. The family helps in influencing their skills,
values, security and the aspects of socialization with different developme ntal stages which
are said to be present. In a community there are certain norms and several values which a
student should look into. The child tends to observe everything that happens in his
community and the norms that are being followed. This impacts up on his or her educational
developments which will make sure t hat they are being managed well. The child in this case
even learns about different consequences and also in understanding the responsibilities of the
program who are watching us with proper resp ect along with the fairness. The role of the
family is the main responsibility of shaping their child’s behaviour by giving different
responses that are said to be important. The values of the child are important to have a proper
understanding how to behav e in an environment where they are said to be present.
It is the community who states the rights and wrongs which will help in explaining the
models which are said to be there in making better accomplishments. The children are more
towards gauging in the experiences in terms of having several tasks that are managed mainly
in explaining the responses which are considered to be important. The language skills are
considered to be an essential part where the child wakes up in the situations which are said to
be needed in the company in order to develop the fluency. The behavioural aspects of the
children are said to be the most important aspects which allows them to make different
interactions that are necessary. There are various child developments which tend to take place
according to the ideas and even in managing their language influences that seem to occur.
There are so many areas which needs to be there.
The curriculum development is done by the education authorities and it is followed as
per the age of the child. There is no description that is being made in order to avoid the
common effects of the technologies which are mainly on children. The family of the child
includes the interpersonal development and even in making different texts which are in
mana ging their right behaviours and also looking for the early childhood students who make
necessary changes in the program (Shields, 2017) . There are different schools which follows
several guidance programs and even in shaping their skills well. The parents tend to increase
the employee participation and concentrate on the activities which will make them work
towards the challenges and also in terms of getting involved in the team as per their
capabilities and several connections. There ae different students and everyone has their own
set of ideas which needs to be there and even in making them understand the educators well.
The families have a role which works towards the participation in the class and also in
managing them with proper involvement which is co nsidered to be needed. There are many
challenges which are supposed to be there and also in making better ideas that will help in
improving their behaviours. The family tends to wo rk towards dealing with new aspects
which helps in enhancing the aspects in an appropriate way (Hornby & Blackwell, 2018) . In
terms of community, it allows in specific participation and also by working together i n an
environment which will give a chance to the child to develop his learning capabilities. The
influence on the langua ge also plays an important role as it allow the child to communicate
his responses in the form of feedback. The community’s role includes the manifestation of
good values and even in managing ideas which are required in order to make several
community part icipations.
The role of family as well as community is to understand the situation well and even
follow the activities so that they are being managed in an appropriate way. The family lays a
foundation of knowledge and the learnings of child so that they can get benefits from it. The
role of the community is to make the child aware of the different values and norms which are
to be understood in the company and even in understanding the work of the community well.
The family works in accordance to the stude nt’s behaviour and even in managing the parents
work in an efficient way that is necessary for the company. The child gets to learn about new
things and settling in different communities which help in the participation of different
communities all together and even following a specific discipline that is considered to be
present in the educational program. There is a kind of success which allow the children to
cope up in different situations well.
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