ATHE Level 4 Diploma in Computing (QCF)

ATHE Level 4 Diploma in Computing (QCF)
Assignment Task


You have been appointed by CDE Bank who have launched a banking website to allow customers to carry out transactions online. You will join a team of existing staff but your computing knowledge and expertise is greater than other staff. Customers of the bank can also purchase goods and services online by using their bank details. However, the CEO of CDE Bank has asked you to investigate how secure the online banking and ecommerce solutions are. In particular the CEO would like you to investigate security around when customers are making transactions online. He has recruited you to plan and create a software solution which can be used to detect phishing websites. You will need to analyse the tasks and project manage the software development to come up with a solution to solve this problem, using software engineering tools and techniques.

Activity 1

  • Produce a booklet for other members of the team which explains:
  • software engineering principles and practices
  • software engineering methods and techniques
  • modelling tools that can be used for software development and engineering
  • the structure of software engineering teams including the programming teams and software engineering roles and tasks. You should explain how the roles are interlinked.
  • In addition in the booklet you must evaluate the multidisciplinary nature of software development.

Your project plan has been approved by the CEO of CDE bank and therefore you have been given permission to model the software solution using a range of software engineering methods. Produce a log of progress including screen recordings to show the software development process. Add a voice over recording which explains the different methods of data verification and validation that you have used. Explain why these are important in systems development.The learner can produce a generic theoretical booklet which demonstrates their understanding of the software engineering approach to the design and development of software. The learners should use examples to help them show their knowledge of the principles and practices.The booklet should be supported with accurate references. It should have a full explanation of the different software engineering principles and the explanation should go beyond specific technologies. The learners should explain specific software engineering methods and techniques and should discuss how they can be employed to improve the quality of software development. The learners should investigate new techniques and modelling tools and explain how they are being used, referring to industry best practice.The learners should also investigate and explain the most commonly used software engineering practices that are employed in business. The learners should investigate and explain the different team roles that are involved throughout software engineering development and ideally they could support their evidence with copies of job descriptions/person specifications. However they need to show how the different roles are related throughout the process.

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