BLDG2003 Building Regulation Studies- measured from natural ground level in metr

BLDG2003 Building Regulation Studies- measured from natural ground level in metr


Assignment Brief

Your group is playing the role of a Building Consulting Company and your task is to ensure that the proposed project, 900 Pacific Hwy & Fitzsimons Lane, Gordon 2072, meets the deemed to satisfy provisions of the BCA 2019 and any relevant Australian Standards or similar.  You are required to prepare a Formal Report advising the client (Ponzi Developments) if the proposed project meets compliance with the specific questions provided below. 

Your group will need to form a fictional building consulting company and provide a short introduction on the company objectives and goals. In addition, please list each employee (student), their position within the company, experience and qualification/s and employee number (student number).You will also need to appoint a group member as the managing director (group leader) who is responsible for overseeing, finalising and formatting the report. 

Question 1.
Referring to the architectural plans and elevations of the Residential Flat Building, please comment on the general and specific characteristics of the proposed project including the following: 
•    Site analysis (direction of wind flow, sunlight path and location of major noise sources) 
•    Location on site (site orientation and passive solar design)
•    Demographic summary of the suburb (use demographics from Australian Bureau of Statistics, Residex, RP Data, or similar)
•    Major structural materials (i.e. timber, concrete, steel etc.)
•    Location of the nearest fire station (response time and distance from proposed site)  
•    Extent of works (general scope of works) 
•    Rise in stories (R.I.S.)
•    Building Classification (single or multiple)
•    Effective height and actual height (measured from natural ground level in metres)
•    Type of construction required (A, B or C) 
Question 2.
Identify and list the major structural materials used in this project, its unit weight/density and the relevant Australian Standard (AS) or similar for that material. For instance, what is the unit weight of masonry, concrete, structural steel, timber and similar in relation to your project and what is the relevant Australian Standard (AS), which applies to them. You may provide your answers in a tabulated form. 
Question 3. 

1. What is the distance between the external walls or columns on the ground floor level and the nearest Fire Source Feature (FSF) in the North, East, South and West direction?

2. What are the minimum Fire Resistance Level (FRL) requirements for the external loadbearing members on the ground floor level of the project? 

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