BM563 Operations and Service Management

BM563 Operations and Service Management
The scenario is that you have been instructed by your Operations Manager to produce a report recommending improvements to an operations practice in the organisation. This assignment has been designed to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your achievement of the following module learning outcomes:
1 Appraise the theories, concepts and principles of practice from the area of Operations Management and their application to the service and manufacturing industries
2 Evaluate the application of alternative Operations Management Techniques – Capacity, Quality and Supply Chain Management
3 Evaluate the potential use of technology for supply chain management
4 Apply a range of Operations techniques to the management of a business
5 Evaluate how supporting functions interact with operations and aid their success Module code and title: BM563 Operations and Service Management Module leader: Dr Mustafa Kasim Assignment No. and type: CW1: Written Assignment Assessment weighting: 100% Submission time and date: 7th December 2021 before 2pm Target feedback time and date: 3 weeks after submission deadline 2 Task requirements Select an organisation and apply all four of the questions below. Ensure work is supported with evidence from research (academic theory and company research) A brief introduction and conclusion is also required which is included in the word count. Word count is 2,500 (+/- 10%)
1. Identify one operation management practice within a chosen organisation
2. Critically analyse how this operation management practice impacts the organisation in regards to efficiency
3. Evaluate how technology could be embedded in this process or evaluate how this has already been achieved
4. What supporting functions are linked to this operation management practice and evaluate how can they assist with ensuring organisational success?
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