BSBINM601 – King Edward VII College Case Study

BSBINM601 – King Edward VII College Case Study
Assignment Task

Carefully read the following scenario.

King Edward VII College has been operating since 2015. The College is based in Melbourne CBD and has an additional campus in Sydney. The College offers a range of courses in management, marketing, human resources and international business. It currently has 195 students enrolled across all of its courses and both campuses. Courses are offered at all levels, from Certificate II to Graduate Diploma.

King Edward VII College is very popular due to its competitive pricing structure, innovative teaching methods and state of the art facilities.

The College currently employs 24 staff members that include the CEO, a Sales and Marketing Manager and Sales and Marketing Assistant, Promotions Officer, Human Resources Manager, Operations Manager, Administration Manager, Office Assistant, Receptionist, Academic Manager, Student Services Officer and approximately 14 trainers and assessors.

Currently, the company is preparing the financial forecasts and projections for the year ahead.

The College is planning to open two new campuses, one in Brisbane and one in Adelaide in the next year, and that will have to be factored into the forecasts.

As the Operations Manager for King Edward VII College, you have been tasked to prepare the financial forecasts and projections for the upcoming year. This will be used to inform the preparation of budgets and to develop a deeper understanding of the business’s potential.

You will also be required to look at various data storage and access systems that could be adopted, and that have the potential to grow with the business.

1. Write a business expansion briefing report.

You are required to write a report to inform a staff meeting on the proposed company expansion.

To do this you will need to review the company’s:

· Business Plan · Financial Policy and Procedures

· Financial Data

· Profits and Loss Statements for the previous three years.

· Staff Survey Results

· Customer Feedback

· Forecast Spreadsheet Template

Your report is to include the following:

1. A review of business performance data

2. Financial forecast. Use the Forecasts Spreadsheet to record your figures.

3. A review of staff feedback

4. A review of customer feedback

5. Identify, define and analyse business problems and issues

6. Identify further sources of information on VET

7. Analysis of trends

8. A sensitivity analysis on any proposed options

9. Data storage and access options

10. A risk management plan Use the Briefing Report Template to guide your work.

2. Meet with the Management Team.

The objective of the meeting is to get the Management Team to agree to the proposed campus expansion and to decide on which data storage system to use. Begin by summarising each part of your report, answering any questions asked by the team members. When you have finished summarising your report, ask the Management Team of they would approve the proposed campus expansion. The Management Team should then decide which data storage and access system should be adopted by the College. During the meeting, you are required to demonstrate effective communication skills including: · Speaking clearly and concisely

· Using non-verbal communication to assist with understanding · Asking questions to identify required information · Responding to questions as required · Using active listening techniques to confirm understanding

3. Open a free Drobox account/Send an invitation to join a Dropbox account

Assume that the Management Team has approved the use of Dropbox. Open a new, free Dropbox account, following the instructions as set out on the Dropbox website. In order to test the new system, send the Management Team (your assessor) an invitation to join your Dropbox account.

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