BSBPMG522 Leadership and Management: Advantage of Emerging Technology

BSBPMG522 Leadership and Management: Advantage of Emerging Technology


Identify and recommend how the organisation can take advantage of emerging and existing technology to improve its operations. This may relate to the operations of the organisation as a whole or one or more departments within the organisation.

You need to:

  • document a project plan for your research project
  • implement the project plan
  • finalise the project and report on the outcomes of the project
  • document a review of the project to identify “lessons learned”.
  • esearch the organisation’s operations and its objectives for future development, growth and continuous improvement
  • research the current technology used within the organisation and the uses to which this technology is put
  • research computer hardware and software applications, mobile technology and any other technology which may promote the organisation’s objectives.
  • consult with members of the organisation and with technical experts.

Identification of the personnel, suppliers, clients and customers who have a stake in the project and how the project may affect them.Identification of the technical personnel and company/suppliers where you will seek information to assist you in completing the project.

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