Carbohydrates and the Immune System

Carbohydrates and the Immune System

Read the two articles and –View the video provided. Then complete parts (a), (b), (c), and (d) below. Answer each separately.

(a) Provide a 1-to-2-page synopsis* of what was covered in the reading materials and video provided on carbohydrates and the immune system. [This can be presented in OUTLINE form.]

(b) Before reading and viewing the video on this material what did you believe about how consuming carbohydrates affects your immune system? [Whatever you believed BEFORE is the correct answer to this question.]

(c) What did you find that was surprising and/or contrary to what you knew, assumed, and/or had been taught about either carbohydrates and/or the immune system?

(d) What additional questions and/or comments do you have about this material?

Acceptable Sources for Citations

Any .gov website: NIH, USDA, FDA, NSF, NASA, etc.

Science textbooks

Journal articles from peer reviewed journals

Medical sites from hospitals, medical schools, health insurance companiesadvice and info is conservative, based on research.


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