clinical exemplar

clinical exemplar

Written Clinical Exemplar: include the following elements in your written product

1.) Student name, credentials, and title of exemplar

2.) Identify and describe the clinical event or situation

3.) Identify clinical setting (inpatient, outpatient, long term care, etc.)

4.) Describe why this situation was meaningful to you

5.) How did you feel about this situation

6.) Identify the challenge you faced

7.) Describe your evidenced-based interventions to address the clinical situation?

8.) How did your intervention or treatment affect the outcome

8.) Why is this situation significant to psychiatric advanced practice nursing?

9.) What insight did you gain in relation to the PMHNP role?

10.) What did you learn?

11.) How did this experience change your perspective or treatment approach?

This can be single spaced- no certain number of sources required- but must be APA 7th and within the last five years.


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