college life and why college is important in 2021

college life and why college is important in 2021

Question: Based on your college career (and major or general studies), what is the point of a college education in 2021? To respond to this question, please make sure to include the following items in your discussion:

A background summary of your learning experience (you can compare/contrast any previous educational experiences with your time at AVC, or simply focus on your time at AVC to date).

Some background information about your interests at college and/or research about your major.

An argument that supports why college is beneficial for your area of study.

A counter argument that argues why college is not beneficial for your area of study (or one that refutes college in general).

A discussion that agrees or disagrees with the counter argument you present.

A discussion about how you see the future of education and the future of your area of study.

A main idea (or thesis) that directly states an opinion that is based in all of the above ideas.

Technical Requirements:

Please use MLA Format (Times New Roman, 12-point font, double spaced, Works Cited page, etc.).
Your essay should be at least 5 pages in length (Note: the Works Cited page doesn’t count as an essay page).
Please use at least 4 outside sources to help discuss your ideas (2 of these sources should be from EBSCO Discovery Service).


  • Honor students complete a thesis or creative project as the culmination of their honors college experience. In an essay of no more than 250 words, share your thoughts on the value of this capstone project to your educational goals. Please be specific and include any ideas you have for a possible topic.
  • Describe the benefits and drawbacks, excluding costs, of your chosen infrastructure model. Why are the others not chosen? Your description should take no more than two to 3 pages.
  • All judgments of medical or psychiatric dysfunction, I argue, are fundamentally evaluative, reflecting our collective willingness or reluctance to tolerate and/or accommodate the conditions in question. (Shane Glackin 2010) Explain Glanckin’s claim and why he believe that the concept of disease is disvalue according to the attchedreading.
  • college life and why college is important in 2021
  • Discuss the motivations of the individuals involved in your event. Why might they be taking their current actions? What might they want to accomplish?
  • Capital City Gentrification and the Real Estate State by SAMUEL STEIN
  • Evaluate your own leadership style. Select a mentor, and hold a discussion with that individual about your own leadership characteristics.
  • What types of mergers/business combinations exist
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  • How has your memoir inspired your research topic?