Comm101 – Principles of Responsible Business

Comm101 – Principles of Responsible Business
Assignment Task

Task: Answer questions after reading the article by Professor John Quiggin titled, “BHP Offloading of oil and gas holdings shows market has turned on fossil fuel” in The Conversation (18th August 2021). Article provided as a PDF on your Moodle site in the Assessment 3 folder.

Reference the sources in your answer, following the UOW-recommended style of Harvard referencing. Make sure you provide a reference list at the end of each question.

Clearly label the question that you will be answering in your exam response.

1. “Sooner or later, for example, it’s likely that courts will find those responsible for carbon emissions liable for the damage caused by fires, sea level rise and other effects of climate change.”

Do you agree? Justify your position by applying TWO reasons based on Kantianism.

2. J.K. Galbraith in 1968 created the term the dependence effect. Explain the meaning of this term and how it differs from the economist’s traditional faith in consumer sovereignty. Outline the relevance of the dependence effect to the experience of consumers in 2021.

3. Outline the key objective of the divestment campaigns. Explain the alignment of the divestment by BHP of its oil and gas to Woodside and the key objectives of the initial divestment campaigns.

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