Community Nursing

Community Nursing

Class: Community Nursing

Prison Population paper (individual activity)

Write 2-page-paper (approximately 500 words).Include citations and references in APA format.
In preparation for this assignment, students should explore websites and scholarly sources that discuss characteristics of, and health issues related to, the prison population. Include demographics, characteristics, and common health issues of the prison population. The infographic should address factors such as racial/ethnic mix, gender, age, chronic health conditions, mental health conditions, addictions, and communicable disease.

Some websites:


  • Who was in favor of, and who was against the Central Valley Project? Why were there such strong opinions of it? If you were living in the Central Valley during the 1930s what do you think your opinion of it would be? Would you have supported it?
  • Explain in detail how you will go about analyzing your data.
  • 6 favorite poet storyboard frames
  • Commodity Chain Map
  • Community Nursing
  • Exit Ticket 8
  • Exit Ticket 6
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  • Examine how Ernest Hemingway in A Clean, Well-Lighted Place and Alice Munro in The Beggar Maid use minimalism in order to create an effect or to enhance the meaning of their works
  • What are your major 2-3 pricing objectives for this new product? What is your expected final price for this new product? Show how you arrived at this price (e.g., break-even analysis and any other calculation you deem supportive of your conclusion).