Contemporary Psychology – Psychology Assignment Help

Contemporary Psychology – Psychology Assignment Help
Assignment Task

Question One

Read the following extract from Robin Baker’s Sperm Wars (2006) and then answer the questions that follow. The ellipsis (. . . ) indicates sections of text that have been edited out from the original text. Some additions or modifications have been made for the purpose of this assignment. Where relevant, ensure reference is made to the extract in your answers.

Once sheltered, the soldiers discussed the situation. A few minutes ago, one of them had noticed a house. . . . They decided to investigate and planned their approach for maximum cover, splitting into two groups: three to enter the front of the house, two to go in by the back. . . . When they burst in they found nothing more threatening than an elderly couple, a male baby, and a young girl about twelve. . . . The tall bearded soldier in command asked the grandfather who else was in the house. ‘Nobody,’ said the old man, fear in his eyes and voice. The soldier hesitated, very much on the edge. He pointed at the children and asked the whereabouts of their parents. The old man looked at his partner, then said they were dead, shot by people like them.

The soldier looked around, told the old man that if he was lying, he also was dead, then ordered his two companions to search the house. The pair moved tentatively towards the only other exit from the room. It had no door, but a makeshift curtain. As they reached the doorway, there was a sudden movement in the room beyond. They dodged quickly to either side of the exit, guns raised. One of them reached for the curtain just as they heard the back door burst open. The other two members of their patrol had arrived. There was a sound of scuffling, then the curtain was thrown back and the two soldiers appeared, pushing a woman in her late twenties in front of them. She fell to the floor. As she raised herself . . . her daughter ran to her and clung round her neck sobbing.

The soldiers knew what was coming. One of them kicked away a few books that were thrown on the floor. The books had colourful photographs of a man and woman

embracing each other on their covers. These were romance novels that the young woman had enjoyed reading. These were books that had scenes far different than the one she was soon to be subjected to.

The soldiers began to relax. This was not the first time during this war they had been in this position. . . .

Both mother and daughter were raped. Two children were conceived that day, one by the mother and one, against all odds, by the twelve-year-old girl. However, the soldiers would never know nor care which of them was the father, in either case. No sooner were they clear of the house than they were all dead, gunned down by guerrillas. The young girl’s father had seen the soldiers approaching and gone for help.


1.1. The soldier who was the leader was tall and bearded. Discuss the relevance of this from an evolutionary psychology perspective. 

1.2. Using a typology of rape from evolutionary psychology, offer an application of the type of rape relevant to the incident in the extract.

1.3. Rape is not unusual in primates. What comparative psychology evidence exists for rape in primates and Aves.

1.4. The young woman read romance novels. What is the fascination or appeal of such novels according to an evolutionary psychological perspective? 

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