CPC40110 Building And Construction Ethics Practice

CPC40110 Building And Construction Ethics Practice


A knowledge and practical based assignment designed to test specific knowledge and skills in the compilation of labour and material schedules for ordering on construction sites.

All questions are to be answered in a logical sequential fashion in conformity with classroom instruction and to the degree of accuracy necessary for placement of orders in conformity to industry practice.

What do I need to do to achieve a satisfactory result?    All questions must be answered and formatted in schedules as per classroom tuition.

Assessment Declaration

  • I understand the purpose of this Assessment Task.
  • I have notified the assessor of any special needs to be considered during the Assessment Task.
  • I have kept a copy of my work – if relevant.
  • I have read and understand the instructions for this assessment and understand the penalties for late submission or non-submission of assessment tasks.
  • I have been advised of the assessment requirements, have been made aware of my rights and responsibilities as an assessment candidate, and choose to be assessed at this time.
  • I declare that this assessment is my own work unless otherwise acknowledged and is in accordance with TAFE NSW Student Discipline Policy.


You have previously entered into a Home Building Contract with Mr & Mrs Smith using the Fair Trading NSW Residential Home Building contract and the supplied set of plans.

The contract contained:

2 off Provisional Sum items (PS),

4 off Prime Cost Items (PC’s) and

1 off item of material supplied by the owner.

Note: For the purposes of this assessment consider East Burpengary is part of the Hawkesbury Municipal Council


Part A Material And Labour Schedules (60%)

Produce a schedule of labour and materials for the project. This schedule is to include a list of the various trades and the main structural materials required from excavation through to ‘lock up’ stage, for the project.

(This schedule would not include items previously covered in the ‘finishes’ schedule).

  1. The schedule must include actual contractors and suppliers that could be used on the project. (Include a total of 10 items) (20%).
  2. The client has also included 2 nominated suppliers and 2 nominated sub-contractors. (Add these to your previous schedule and clearly which are the nominated ones) (20%).
  3. The schedule must also include contract rates (costs), for the nominated PC and PS items (20%).

Part B  Overlay Drawings & Orders (40%)

  1. You are required to produce a set of overlay drawings, (ie mark up on the plans) the lintels, fascia & guttering, for the project (20%).
  2. You are to produce separate purchase orders for the items from (i) above.

The orders are to include all the necessary details and instructions that are required for such orders. (Actual suppliers and their ordering sizes are to be included) (20%).

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