Critical Essay and Data Rendering

Critical Essay and Data Rendering

This essay has three components: an essay, a data rendering, and a critical reflection on your data rendering.

You are required to produce a 1,500 word essay that critically analyses an existing data rendering. Your essay should consider the data rendering and the data used to produce the rendering in relation to critical data theories. Your essay should relate to at least two of the weekly topics covered by the course. In your essay, you should situate the data in relation to social, political, and cultural contexts and consider what the rendering communicates about the data.

In addition, you are required to re-render the chosen data rendering: you must devise a new way to communicate the data that you have analysed. Your rendering can take a number of different forms, including (but not limited to): narrative, map, video, infographic or chart, sonification, animation, storyboard, poster, text, podcast. To support your re-rendering, you will produce a short critical reflection (500 words) that articulates the aims, intent, and process undertaken in developing this rendering.


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