Data Analytics Project Using Kaggle for Analysis and Presentation

Data Analytics Project Using Kaggle for Analysis and Presentation
Assignment Task

Assessment : Data analytics project using Kaggle for analysis and presentation (data wrangling)


In Assessment 1 you considered the value of business analytics and made recommendations for data collection. Unfortunately, the previous CEO was replaced by a new CEO who does not believe in data advancement. As a result, you resigned but quickly found an analytics position at an indie gaming development company, Games R Us.

Games R Us currently have only one game to their name: Forest of Animals. Due to the unprecedented success of Forest of Animals, Games R Us has extra revenue that they would like to reinvest into the development of a few new video games. However, they are unsure about which games, genres or platforms are most profitable. Games R Us will also be looking to eventually launch these game globally, but are asking for recommendations on where they should launch first.They have provided you with a dataset that contains video game sales information (in millions) up until the year 2016.


Describe the video game sales dataset and identify and list any potential issues with the dataset.

Perform data wrangling and prepare the data for analysis.

Analyse the dataset provided using R or Python:

Provide a basic summary of your dataset.

Investigate the relationship between the variables using visualisations.

Tabulate and plot the sales information, addressing the Games R Us’ interests.

Compile a short report for an upcoming company meeting that includes interpretation of your output and your findings.

Provide recommendations for what type of video games Games R Us should invest in, and any additional recommendations about what additional data may assist you with your analysis.

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