Deliverable 4

Deliverable 4

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4. Final project deliverable 4: a plan for CEO (10%): The CEO will be making an announcement about the recall. Devise a plan to address the problem/situation using the corporate website and social networking. Among the questions that need to be addressed are:

o What needs to be communicated?
o How will employees be notified?
o How can/should the companys corporate website be used?
o What role can/should social media play?
o What documents will stakeholders need to see and download?
o Is video important? If so, how? To demonstrate how to find product numbers and identify recalled products? To provide instructions for fixing a product defect?
o How will external publics be notified? What will be communicated to shareholders? What will be communicated to the press?
o Should the CEO apologize. If so, what should the CEO say?

The plan should be no longer than five pages in length.


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