Descartes Analysis

Descartes Analysis

Read Byrnes book on Descartes as well as the blogpost on Descartes legacy for Modernity. The blog enumerates eight ways Descartes sets the stage for the Modern era. Then, you must write a brief, 700-800-word analysis. To begin, select a short quotation from chapter 3 in Byrnes book (provide page numbers in parenthesis) that illustrates or gives support to 3 of the 8 items highlighted in the blog. Next, provide a personal response to one of the questions asked in the blog. Lastly, does the video no Biblical criticism influence your appreciation of Descartes? If so, how?

You must footnote any references used. Use scholarly sources and avoid blogs and independent sites for your references.

Book: Byrne, James M. Religion and the Enlightenment: From Descartes to Kant. 1st American Edition ed., Westminster John Knox, 1997. Press.

Blog post:

Video: Biblical criticism.


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  • Descartes Analysis
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