Describe the experience of Adama and her family from 2005-2007.

Describe the experience of Adama and her family from 2005-2007.

Describe the experience of Adama and her family from 2005-2007.

Describe key aspects of Adama and her familys experience (must cite the film!)
Give examples of discrimination, difficulties, and persecution that Adama and her family experienced in the documentary film (must cite the film!)
Paragraph 2: How is the experience of Adama and her family (2005-2007), similar to what is currently going on in the U.S. regarding the detainment of undocumented immigrants or refugees seeking asylum?

Describe the current detainment of undocumented immigrants or refugees seeking asylum in the U.S. Give examples from current events (must cite 1 outside source)!
Draw parallels between Adamas experience and the current experience of undocumented immigrants/refugees. What is similar? (use citations!)
Paragraph 3: Identify ONE form of capital from the Community Cultural Wealth Model that Adama exhibits, and explain how Adama and her family benefit from this from of capital.

Pick 1 form of capital to discuss. Define the capital observed (cite Yosso article!)
Describe example(s) of the capital that Adama exhibited. Give specific example(s)!
How does Adamas capital benefit (help) her? Give a specific example and explanation of the benefit for the form of capital you selected.
How does Adamas capital benefit (help) her family? Give a specific example and explanation of the benefit for the form of capital you selected.
Example: If you selected aspirational capital, in your 3rd paragraph, you would include an introductory sentence. Then, you would define aspirational capital (citing Yosso). Next, you would describe specific examples from the film in which aspirational capital was observed. After, you would explain how Adama benefited from aspirational capital. Finally, you would explain how Adamas family benefited from aspirational capital.

Paragraph 4: Concluding paragraph to the paper.

Provide your reflection/thoughts on what Adama and her family experienced. This is the one section of the paper where you can add your own opinion and use I statements (e.g., I believe I observedI feel).
Describe a policy recommendation that you believe should be in place for Muslim immigrants, undocumented immigrants, or refugees seeking asylum. Be specific with your recommendation!
GRADING of Writing Style and Organization

Writing is clear, concise, and easy to understand
Writing is appropriate for an academic paper. No casual/non-academic language
Example: spell out words fully rather than using abbreviations (use do not, avoid dont). Avoid like and totally. Do not write til or till instead, write until.
Clear topic sentence (opening sentence) at the start of each paragraph
Clear summary (closing sentence) at the end of each paragraph (this final sentence summarizes and interprets what you wrote about in the paragraph). This sentence does not include new information; its a summary statement.
Free of spelling and grammatical errors (remember to spell Adama correctly!)
GRADING of Paper Formatting

Times New Roman, size 12-point
1-inch margins, all the way around the paper
Double Spaced; No extra spacing after each sentence
Paper includes 4 paragraphs
Each paragraph is 5 to 8 sentences in length
You do not need a cover page or abstract, but your name must be at the top of the first page of the paper
APA citations included in each paragraph
APA references at the end of the 4th paragraph (does not need to be on a separate page, but must be formatted correctly!)
Refer to Purdue OWL, APA help on Canvas, or the library for assistance. A brief APA overview will also be provided in class.

Remember youll need to include references in alphabetical order by authors’ last name. You need at least one outside source (paragraph 2). Make sure to include the news article or other outside source in your references list.


  • Discuss the problem, why the problem is worth exploring and the potential contribution of the proposed project to the discipline of nursing.
  • What are some moments in which Ji-Li feels the impact of the Cultural Revolution?
  • Identify the philosophical paradigm underlying the research approach.
  • In what ways does this view use a multi-valued orientation?
  • What procedures were used to recruit participants for the quantitative sample and the qualitative sample?
  • Explain why Socrates think that an unexamined life is not worth living?
  • Discuss and analyze how your personal development in the learning and cognition domains have matured and developed through your formative years and work experiences.
  • What did you learn from the situation depicted in the movie?
  • Describe the experience of Adama and her family from 2005-2007.
  • What suggestions do your peers make that are well supported?
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