diabetes case study

diabetes case study

You will work in groups for this assignment. Your group will be assigned ONE of the following THREE case studies. Your group needs to complete the assigned case study and post the responses to the case study to this forum by Wednesday. Each member of the group must then respond to at least 2 peers from another group and provide comments substantiated with evidence from the reading by Sunday. Please review the rubric for details.

Case study #1

You are the community health nurse for a population with the following statistical data available to you. This community has rates of type 2 diabetes that are twice as high as the national average, poverty rates 2.5 times higher than the national average, and childhood obesity rates that are increasing by 30% every five years. Using the Healthy People 2030 objectives and guidelines, answer the following questions and provide your rationale for your answer. You can find the full Healthy People 2030 goals, objectives and guidelines at Healthy People 2030 (Links to an external site.). On this website, identify the appropriate topic. Across the top of each topic page are tabs that read overview, objectives and interventions. The interventions tab provides evidence-based guidelines for the prevention and management of these issues for a population. This is where you will find your answers.

Which educational program might be effective in the prevention of diabetes?

Combined diet and exercise education for clients at high risk for diabetes.
The function and purpose of cinnamon in the treatment of diabetes.
Demonstration on checking your own blood glucose at home
Pamphlet on the long-term complications of uncontrolled diabetes
Why is this answer correct? Why arent the others correct?

Which educational program would be most effective in reducing the body weight of overweight or obese children?

Educating parents on the risks of childhood obesity
Demonstration on cooking and preparing healthy foods
Behavioral interventions to reduce screen time and sedentary time
Pamphlets describing a healthy diet and normal amount of exercise
Why is this answer correct? Why arent the others correct?

Which approach might be effective in reducing the rates of teen pregnancy in the community?

Individual counseling to promote abstinence until marriage.
Parental education on the risks of adolescent pregnancy.
Providing free pregnancy testing sites throughout the community
School-based education to improve the use of contraception among teens
Why is this answer correct? Why arent the others correct?


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  • diabetes case study
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