Discuss possible research questions or a possible thesis .

Discuss possible research questions or a possible thesis .

Instructions for proposals – 1 page with a 1 page bibliography 1.Describe the project. You do not need to be too specific at this point, but the more specific you are the easier it is to do research2.Discuss possible research questions or a possible thesis 3.Discuss possible primary sources 4.Bibliography should include at least five sources and one of them should be a primary source.

This is a paper describing my History research proposal

For my research proposal I intend to write on the topic of Aztec culture and religion. I Will be focusing on what type of rituals they would do and why they would do it. I want to talk about what Gods they would worship and what those Gods meant to them. This is an interesting Topic to me because I enjoy reading about other Gods like Greek or Norse Mythology. Those mythological tales always captured my interests and I knew that Aztec Gods would have similar stories to those other Mythological Gods. Also When reading The Cost of Courage in Aztec Society by Inga Clendinnen, what also piqued my interest was their constant human sacrifice and how it is just a mundane thing for them. For my primary source I decided to use the Codex Mendoza written by Antonio de Mendoza in 1542. It is an Aztec codex that contains the history of Aztec rulers, their daily lives and essentially recorded information on the Aztec empire. The other sources will cover information on their different gods that they worship and how it affects their daily lives.

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Some notes i got from my professor

This is a great topic. I like the idea of focusing on the pantheon of Aztec gods. I also think that’s a great primary source. Some of your secodary sources are a little weak, however, I think we are beyond encyclopedias in college. I recommend looking at books by David Carrasco. He is the current expert on Aztec religion in English.

So for sources you can change them to your liking

the Draft is due Nov 17 11:59pm 6 pgs I would appreciate it if you could send me a quick draft by then thank you


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