Discuss the main sociological theories and their implications.

Discuss the main sociological theories and their implications.

Grading and Assessment for Signature Assignment
This assignment will be graded using the SOC101 Signature Assignment Essay Grading Rubric. The Signature Assignment will fulfill SLOs 1, 3, 5, and 9.

Student Learning Outcomes:

Discuss the main sociological theories and their implications.
Understand cultural diversity, its challenges, and effects on society.
Evaluate the changing needs of society and people, and assess the causes and components of social problems.
Analyze the role of the family in socialization and social transitions that define adulthood.
Identify social structures, everyday interactions and distinguish the social construction of reality.
Distinguish the various social groups and organizations within societies and discuss their evolution.
Evaluate the different social stratifications: global, gender and social stratifications and analyze causes and effects.
Define the social meaning of race and ethnicity, and patterns of interactions.
Identify the significant revolutions and events that have shaped our society’s economy and evaluate the current trends and workplace diversities.
Discuss the history of politics, global political systems, and politics within the United States.
Understand the concepts of family and religion and analyze the role they play in society.
Discuss schooling and issues in education in the United States and propose recommendations for improvement based on knowledge acquired.
Analyze the trends in health and medical services available, the shortages and needs that exist today in medicine and discuss future possibilities.
Compare and contrast urbanization and the evolution of various cities in the United States and worldwide, and discuss the implications.
Analyze the changes to the environment due to urbanization and population growth and report about their impacts.
Evaluate social change and analyze modern, postmodern societies and global variations.


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