Discussion Post Animal Ethics

Discussion Post Animal Ethics

Instruction for Discussion post below:
As we’ve done in the past, I’d like each of you to focus in on a specific issue regarding the treatment of non-human animals. As each of you will be focusing on different particulars, we’ll have the chance to explore a wide variety of cases, which may allow us to see some underlying principles that thread throughout the cases more clearly.

To make sure you understand what I’m looking for, here’s a list of the types of subcategories I have in mind for you to focus on, but these are only suggestions – you don’t have to select something from this list.

Different standards of acceptable treatment between species (pigs are food but dogs are pets)
Medical testing on animals
Non-medical testing on animals (cosmetics, cleaning fluids, etc.)
Omnivorous vs. herbivorous diets for humans
Factory farms vs. free range/grass fed vs. clean meat
Fur, leather, etc.

Step 1: Your Post – Once you’ve chosen your subcategory, offer an argument regarding the ethical treatment of non-human animals in the subcategory. Is society’s current treatment of non-human animals in that category morally permissible? What about your own behavior? It can be helpful to appeal to a moral theory to explain your position, and to highlight which moral principles are supporting your view. All of your statements should be supported by arguments.


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