Ethnic Diversity – Management Assignment Help

Ethnic Diversity – Management Assignment Help
Assignment Task

Topic of interest – Ethnic Diversity

Refer to articles from the media

Ensure the references are credible references and referenced according to Harvard Referencing.

Firstly, select any one dimension of diversity (for example ethnic diversity) that is of most interest to you. Then start collecting diversity articles from the media (current events) for the weeks 3-10 and briefly summarize and critique these articles (copy of these articles and/or URLs have to be included in the appendix).

Reflect on these articles to review your own individual experiences, demonstrating how individual dignity is nurtured, respected and diversity is celebrated in the public space. Explore their attitudes, actions and beliefs about diversity that underpins the articles you have chosen for the purpose of writing this portfolio.

While writing the reflection part, you should write about how your view of the world has been altered by reading this information. If your perspective has been affected, you should give specific examples of how your views have changed over the last 12 weeks. 

In terms of structure, you need to include the following sequence:

Introduction: Introduce the dimension, the events (during the semester period) and what you are going to cover in the analysis.

Theoretical and Contextual Framing: Use this section to highlight the theory relating to the dimension of diversity ( for example, gender diversity or racial diversity) you have chosen from the literature. Secondly, discuss the contextual framing i.e., the background against which the event(s) is/are presented to set up your analysis.

Analysis and Discussion: Cover the major underlying theoretical assumptions about this topic briefly. Then draw on your supporting evidence for your examples from the media sources*.  In actual fact, depth is more important than breadth and therefore your reflective analysis should focus on why the situations/incidents ‘might be’ or ‘might not be’ exhibiting social justice or inclusive practices or upholding human dignity, from your perspective (personal reflection).

Overall conclusion: Overall summary of the main aims of the assignment, highlight the key arguments made, and integrate the various sections of the assignment.

Media Sources*:

Search the media history for at least 8-9 weeks of the semester and see how the dimension you have chosen is influencing individuals, society and the policy makers.

Secondly, it is important to take into account that media outlets are often not strictly neutral in their reporting (e.g., think about CNN vs. FoxNews). You can use social media posts, newspapers, company press releases, television, radio, YouTube, etc. You can use any publicly available information and you should reference it. You must include the weblinks of the articles you are sourcing in the reference list.

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