Evaluate Kotter’s process as a tool that aids i | radioactivetutors.com

Evaluate Kotter’s process as a tool that aids i | radioactivetutors.com

review the following resources: 8-Step Process (Links to an external site.)Chapter 6: Target Market Analysis: How to Reach the Right Audience With the Right Pitch (Links to an external site.)Forecasting and Budgeting Can Improve Your Company’s Fiscal Performance (Links to an external site.)Top 5 Leadership Videos Less Than 5-Minutes Long (Links to an external site.)Pros and Cons of Market Segmentation in Business (Links to an external site.), and Budgeting Vs. Financial Forecasting: What’s the Difference? (Links to an external site.)

As you have discovered, selecting and developing a strategic plan is a complex activity. Implementation of the plan is equally complex if for no other reason than people resist change. Do a library search for articles by John Kotter about why people resist change. Resistance to change might be the most significant obstacle to implementing a strategy. On page 218 of the text, you will find information about managing resistance to change. Analyze that information, and compare and contrast the information presented in the text with the eight-step process for leading change developed by John Kotter and used by many organizations. Information about Kotter’s process is available at the following link: 8-Step Process (Links to an external site.).

Create an initial discussion post that addresses the following:

  • Evaluate Kotter’s process as a tool that aids in managing resistance to change within an organization. Does the process adequately address the concerns enumerated on page 218 of the text?
  • Create an alternative process or point your classmates to a documented alternate process if you find Kotter’s process inadequate.