Exit Ticket 7

Exit Ticket 7

1. How might RTI models (group and individual) increase the appropriateness of referrals for special education?

2. Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBndGms9Tzo&feature=youtu.be 0:55

And this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OTegys-XE8&feature=youtu.be 1:50-3:10

Where do you see yourself in these models as a positive force? List three examples that you can contribute.

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  • Examine how Ernest Hemingway in A Clean, Well-Lighted Place and Alice Munro in The Beggar Maid use minimalism in order to create an effect or to enhance the meaning of their works
  • What are your major 2-3 pricing objectives for this new product? What is your expected final price for this new product? Show how you arrived at this price (e.g., break-even analysis and any other calculation you deem supportive of your conclusion).
  • To use your knowledge of the elements needed for an effective presentation to critique a speaker.
  • How do some authors use their works in order to create social commentary or to teach a moral/lesson? Discuss in reference to the works of Katherine Mansfield The Garden Party and Richard Van Camp Children of the Sundance.
  • In your original post, Introduce yourself to the class and answer the following:
  • Self-Introduction Based on a Personal Object
  • Case Study #3 – Henry