Explain your methods and procedures for gathering the data.

Explain your methods and procedures for gathering the data.

Students will write a research report on a selected topic. Please conduct the necessary secondary research and do, at minimum, one type of primary research to collect your data. Critically analyze the data, make observations to answer the research questions, and support the major findings with logical and analytical interpretation of information. Provide a summary, conclusions, and recommendations. Report the findings strategically in written report format. Present a formal 10-12 minute formal business presentation based upon your report findings. Be prepared for follow-up questions to your research.

Students must demonstrate knowledge and application of basic elements of correctness in writing (e.g., grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, word choice, number expressions). Students will be evaluated on intellectual standards and critical thinking in both their writing and speaking. Follow the criteria and include the required parts for a formal report. Accurately use APA style. Use the appropriate report format for your audience (i.e., business professors, managers). Include relevant headings as necessary to enhance readability, organization, and clarity.

At minimum, you must include the following:

(1) Introduce the topic.
(2) Identify your problem statement/purpose.
(3) Explain your methods and procedures for gathering the data.
(4) Conduct research (both primary and secondary (minimum 15 sources/12 of which must be scholarly)).
(5) Analyze data and present your findings.
(6) Draw conclusions and make recommendations.
(7) Provide necessary relevant graphic representations.
(8) Put survey instruments and/or other information in appendices.

Your written report will be graded using the elements listed on the Intellectual Standards and Elements of Thought as well as format guidelines (see rubric). Critical thinking, research analysis, effective writing, and polished formatting skills are major objectives of this assignment. Your final manuscript should be publishable!!


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