Reflect on the families of two (2) of the students (Deaf or Hard of Hearing ONLY).
(1) describe the challenges that these families seem to be encountering both in and out of the educational setting;
(2) discuss the types of barriers these families experience;
(3) explain how a partnership with the school would benefit each of these families.

Remember to reference and reflect on the course texts and additional professional education literature.


  • Families
  • Examine the pyramid and reflect on your current situation. Are your motivations dictated by your current needs? Explain. The Portfolio Activity entry should be a minimum of 400 words and not more than 750 words. Use APA citations and references if you use ideas from the readings or other sources
  • In brief, describe the theory and how it has increased our understanding of personal and organizational needs and satisfaction. What are the criticisms of the theory?
  • Reflection on Freire
  • Your assignment, what would have happened if Cato had stayed alive when Julius took over? specifically would he have been able to restore the Republic? Explain your opinion and site at least two historical examples as support of your opinion.
  • select a product maybe a beach wagon with umbrella and add ones like lockbox, and speakers, and ice chest, but open to writer ‘s choice to begin your own business. Answer how to create value ? Conduct a feasible test with 3 steps market, management and financial. Sources not necessary but optional.
  • Find two different cases wherein a novel technology is being used by a company (e.g., AR, robotic delivery, etc.). What is each company and what is the respective technology?
  • What is crisis funding? And how is this type of donating culture harmful? Use an example from the text to support your opinion.
  • Research institutional discrimination in your chosen institution, locating reliable, scholarly sources. Examples are provided in the Resources for this assessment.
  • how many hours did you spend on this module? (2) how are you satisfied with your performance on this module? Why?
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