1) Please refer to at least 2 items from my uploaded contents. It can be class notes, videos(provided in the files below).

2) Cite at least 1 item from the book “Gender and Women’s Studies in Canada – by Rice and Hobbs 2nd edition” (I’ve provided the necessary pics from the book pages)

3) Please connect the topic from the class to an academic article on the topic. ** academic article from a peer reviewed journal**

4) Be more specific than the title of each points. For example, if the title of the unit is health, don’t write about health in general but choose a specific topic within that. For example, abortion.

5) Talk about personal experiences to some degree.

Please remember to use critical thinking skills – consider multiple perspectives and acknowledge the diversity of human experiences. Thank You.


  • Sociology of Work (Transforming Work)
  • Benchmark – Social and Cultural Diversity
  • Can you think of a scenario in which convenience sampling would work? Explain your example in detail.
  • How do development organisations work with men and boys to reduce gender based violence
  • What ought to be the proper role of Congress in Strategic Intelligence? Is there a proper role in oversight of strategic intelligence activities, in ensuring that the policy expressed in budget and appropriations laws is being followed, in ensuring that the will of the people and the necessity of national security is being carried out properly by the executive branch of government?
  • Doping in Sports
  • Engagement strategies
  • Feminism
  • Consider the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design; write a 2-page essay that describes the museum or gallery and one artwork inside.
  • Supportive Submission 2: Kidney Disease Outline and Integrated Resources