HLTENN012 – Implement and Monitor Care for a Person With Chronic Health Problems

HLTENN012 – Implement and Monitor Care for a Person With Chronic Health Problems
Assignment Task

Descriptive questions:

1. Briefly describe key presenting features or clinical manifestations (signs and symptoms) of each of the following chronic diseases or health conditions.

a. Chronic asthma

b. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

c. Chronic pain

d. Chronic renal failure

e. Congestive heart failure

f. Diabetes insipidus

g. Diabetes mellitus

h. Eczema

i. Bladder incontinence

j. Motor neurone disease

k. Severe traumatic brain injuries (neurological injury)

l. Long term unconsciousness or coma

m. Osteoarthritis

n. Parkinson’s disease

o. Rheumatoid arthritis

2. Discuss five (5) community-based care services that are available in Australia for individuals with a need for restorative or rehabilitation care.

3. Explain the national health priority areas agreed by the Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council.

4. Briefly describe the clinical features distinguishing a permanent tracheostomy from a temporary tracheostomy

5. Complete the following table briefly describing various concepts and models of chronic health care in your own words.

Various concepts and models of chronic health care Description

a. Chronic disease continuum

b. Key strategic objectives of the Chronic Diseases and Health Promotion Department (World Health Organisation)

c. Innovative Care for Chronic Conditions Model

d. Elements of the Chronic Care Model

e. Purpose of the National Strategic Framework for Chronic Conditions

6. Discuss the social, emotional, physical, psychological and financial impacts of chronic disease on a person.

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