Identify and describe the ‘two great love stories’ that define every life.

Identify and describe the ‘two great love stories’ that define every life.

part a : Loveliness article LINK:

1. Identify and describe the ‘two great love stories’ that define every life.

4. Besides obvious forms of material deprivation, what is the ‘gravest penalty’ of economically low status?

5. According to de Botton, why do the rich continue accumulating wealth far beyond what they could ever spend?
Explain the phenomenon in a way that demonstrates a close and complete reading of the article (if this is not demonstrated then you will not receive credit for this post), and 2) describe an instance in your life in which you changed your mind about an important belief in light of the evidence and sound reasons. If you have never done so, then describe an instance in which you decided not to change your mind in spite of the evidence and sound reasons and explain why you chose not to change that belief.


  • Write a reflection on the synoptic problem and issues of sources in the gospel narratives.
  • Explain what is a “Hammock Activity.”
  • Write a paper (title and reference page not necessary) on how you see yourself as a social worker, approaching interventions within a session with a client/patient.
  • Write a paper discussing your personal beliefs, attitudes, feelings, and knowledge of Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • What are the advantages of keeping and updating a construction schedule?
  • What potentially negative consequences were you familiar with before this course?
  • Explain the cognitive-behavioral models of health anxiety and how misinterpretations of bodily stimuli can cause people to be distressed and think they have a disease or virus when in reality they do not.
  • What are the shortcomings in WHO pandemic policy?
  • Describe some of the issues that need to be addressed in submission/repositing protocols.
  • Discuss how his posit “When we have an others-focused outward mindset, we naturally want to help themto use our own resources and talents to make their lives better, however we can.”
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