Implementation of strategies for students effected by covid 19 (k-12)

Implementation of strategies for students effected by covid 19 (k-12)

Using your previous assessments, draft a 46 page proposal to leadership for implementing your identified innovation.

Which leadership skills have been the most valuable to you? How do you continue to rely on them and build on them? If Forbes magazine wanted to interview you about leadership, what would you tell them?

Different times call for different leaders. In this course, we are looking at leading in a tumultuous time. Society as a whole is struggling to adapt to entirely new ways of doing business, maintaining friendships, envisioning privacy, navigating new advances in medicine, grappling with issues of fairness and justice in an increasingly diverse world, and communicating with just about anybody. Our educational institutions are not immune to these issues. Competition is fierce, student bodies are more diverse, economic disparities limit resources and opportunity, and technology is full of both promise and peril. How does a leader navigate through these circumstances? What makes a good leader in such a time? What does successful leadership look like?

Craft a 46 page proposal for implementing an innovative procedure, technology, or both, to address your identified issue in your workplace:

Identify the issue to be addressed and explain its significance to the organization.
Identify a solution to the issue that addresses the cause or contributing factors and reflects trending educational innovations or new educational technologies.
Support your proposed intervention with reference to the literature.
Describe the anticipated benefits that will accrue from implementing the solution and how they align with the desired outcomes achieved by addressing the issue and its causes or contributing factors.
Identify the required resources and any necessary organizational restructuring of people, policies, or processes.
Identify the potential for resistance, or possible negative impact, along with your proposed solution for addressing these issues.
Conclude with a summary of the benefits to the organization as a result of implementing the innovation.


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