Information Security & Management – IT Assignment Help

Information Security & Management – IT Assignment Help
Assignment Task


– Understand the key concepts of identity and access management.

– Learn to implement practices that related to authentication and authorization.

Authentication, Authorization and Access Control

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is an important step to ensure your information security. IAM is defined as managing and controlling digital identities and their associated access rights and privileges to information and IT resources within a given domain such as a business organization. It ensures that the right people access the right services at the right time for the right reasons.

IAM including four factors/steps – Identification, Authentication, Authorization, Accountability (IAAA).

– Identification: Identification describes a method by which a subject (user, program, or process) claims to have a specific identity (name, account number, or e-mail address). Identification can be provided with the use of a username or account number.

– Authentication: The process and method of proving the identity. Technically it can be anonymous, token based, certificate based etc. To be properly authenticated, the subject is usually required to provide a second piece to the credential set. This piece could be a password, personal identification number (PIN), or token. These credential items are compared to information that has been previously stored for this subject. If these credentials match the stored information, the subject is authenticated.

– Authorization: access to objects and least amount of privilege. Once the subject provides its credentials and is properly authenticated, the system it is trying to access needs to determine if this subject has been given the necessary rights and privileges to carry out the requested actions. The system will look at some type of access control matrix or compare security labels to verify that this subject may indeed access the requested resource and perform the actions it is attempting. If the system determines that the subject may access the resource, it authorizes the subject.

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