MAN6303 Program Management- Governance stakeholders and risk

MAN6303 Program Management- Governance stakeholders and risk


Apply critical thinking and technical skills to solve authentic business problems in project management

1. Conceptualise problems or situations (investigate, analyse, synthesize and evaluate)
2. Apply technical skills to authentic situations
3. Critically reflect on processes and assumptions

Assignment Questions

Portfolio Entry 1: This entry focuses on your study activities in MAN6303 during this semester. Treat this unit as a component project within a program (the course you are doing), and formulate question responses, taking care to align them with program management theory (e.g. The Standard for Program Management). This ‘reflective’ case study should answer the following questions during a maximum 10-minute, Panopto video, which must include PowerPoint slides, plus a script for each question, outlining and addressing the following key points:
  • Reflect on your learning progress for the unit during the semester. Explain how you approached the workshop activities, the assignments, and how you dealt with the new concepts that you were required to learn. Select a problem with your original approach to your studies and suggest a solution to the identified problem. Use the program lifecycle in The Standard for Program Management to highlight the planning and path taken to achieve the desired learning outcomes.
  • Making reference to The Standard for Program Management, explain the assignment related issues you faced before, during and towards the end of the semester and how you managed them, and discuss how this influenced the realisation of identified benefits. You must refer specifically to (a) feedback received in Assignment 1, in MAN6303, plus (b) the grade received for the assignment, in your response.
The responses should be delivered as a 10-minute Panopto video recording, supported by a script outlining your narration, and pitched towards an academic audience. This must be a professional, clearly planned and skilfully presented presentation with your face visible at all times. This entry must be presented in the “first person”.
Portfolio Entry 2: Create a Panopto video recording (not exceeding 10 minutes long) of your presentation to a Steering Committee that is overseeing various construction projects as part of new Edith Cowan University, Perth City, CBD campus. A summary of the projects in the program is available here. Examine and assess the intended and unintended impacts on diverse stakeholders (PGCLO5.1) and 2. Provide professional opinions or interpretations of component projects applying ethical principles, codes of conduct and values (PGCLO5.2). You are encouraged to treat this as a real presentation, to learn your material and to present it confidently and professionally with only a few slides. Ensure that your face is visible at all times during the presentation. The Standard for Program Management must be cited and referred to during the presentation.
Portfolio Entry 3: Create a Panopto video recording of your presentation to a group of senior executives at a local engineering company where you are applying for a Program Manager role that they have advertised. Based on your knowledge, experience (if any), together with your research in this unit, prepare a brief, professional Panopto presentation explaining to a potential employer, how your skills and knowledge of program management practice will make you the best candidate for a project to implement a new program they are planning to deliver in their organisation. The Standard for Program Management must be cited and referred to during the presentation.

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