MGMT 651 Agile Project Management : Industrial Management Issue

MGMT 651 Agile Project Management : Industrial Management Issue


As part of this course, you will analyze an aviation or aerospace industrial management issue related to production/operations management, write a research paper, and create a presentation. If you haven’t already done so, review the Research Paper and Presentation Overview to learn more.

For this assignment, research and identify an issue that was caused by a failure of production/operations management and analyze the problem and suggest solutions (based on what you have learned in this course). Use trade publications, published research, and the Internet to determine your issue. Submit your topic to your instructor along with the suggested title of your paper and a short overview of what you intend to research.

My Topic I would like to write about is :

I would like to explore the problem that exist about the limited capacity of the airports to accommodate aircraft on the ground and the limited capacity of air traffic management system to accommodate aircrafts in the air and the difficulties integrating these two problems. 

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