MOD004376 Highways Design and Construction

MOD004376 Highways Design and Construction

Mandatory Route – Use the contour map here (you will need AutoCAD to open this file) and design the highway for the planned route passing the shown four points. Name the A and B (start and endpoint) towns as you wish and conduct the environmental and economic assessments with the purpose of justifying the necessity of connecting these towns by an all-purpose carriageway. Extract the relevant technical characteristics of a two-lane all-purpose single carriageway using DMRB and design the highway based on these characteristics.

The contractor asked for the Maximum vertical gradient of ± 6%, cross-fall at straight lines of -2.0%, shoulder cross-fall of -4%, cutting slop of 1:3 (H:D) and embankment slope of 3:1 (H:D). For drainage, a typical triangular section ditch is required. The maximum excavation depth of -3 and maximum filling height of +3m has been asked as an essential requirement for the design.

The project requires the full process of examining the predicted traffic, terrain, sketching alternatives, making trial profiles, designing cross-sections and drainage, road pavements, and selecting one or more alternatives for preliminary design and costing. Please note that there will be no unique solution to the problem and each design will be judged on its own merits. The purpose of the assignment is to design a route that conforms to the design designations and controls.

Repeat the process for other alternative routes. Please note that each member of the group is responsible for the full design of one alternative route. upon completion of each route, it is expected that the entire group uses the design produced for each route to provide a full qualitative screening.

The produced design report is expected to contain the following sections:

Introductory information including justification of selected area and points
Location map
Travel Demand and Traffic Forecasting for the selected area
Background and specification of the design
Design introduction and background
Design policy
Design designations
Design controls

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