Module 5 Case Study on Amazon

Module 5 Case Study on Amazon

ABOUT THE CASE: Amazons global expansion from 1998 to 2020, started with an investment in the United Kingdom and Germany and ended with an investment in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In 2019, as one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies, Amazon had a 15.1 percent share of the worldwide e-commerce market with operations in 16 countries, including both developed and emerging markets. However, the company was showing unbalanced performance across countries. For example, in 2019, Amazon was the market leader in the United Kingdom (23.3 percent market share) and Germany (48.3 percent market share), while it only held 0.2 percent of the Chinese online retailing market, far behind the market leader who had a 42.7 percent market share, and it held only 1 percent market share in Brazil with the market leader having 23.2 percent. Amazon faced critical challenges in developing its future international strategies. Should it continue its global expansion into new markets? What should the company do with less successful markets such as China and Brazil? Also, how should Amazon deal with the ramifications of an unexpected global pandemic event in its international strategy?

Case Study Questions
Why did Amazon initially consider international expansion? Is international expansion a key success factor in Amazons Industry?

Was there a pattern across Amazons strategies in entering international markets?

Given Amazons overall performance in the U.S. and globally, what options do you recommend for Amazons global business strategy?

Please do the following:

Answer each question in 1/2-1 pages and cite your sources following APA format. and external resources if needed.

Please make sure to address all parts of the assignment, answer the questions thoroughly, and provide convincing support using evidence, the course materials,


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