: Nutrients, Digestion, and Hormonal Regulation

: Nutrients, Digestion, and Hormonal Regulation

Write a separate mini report (1 to 2 pages) for EACH of the micronutrients listed below. Each separate mini report for a specific micronutrient must include:

Describe the role/function for the specific micronutrient in the health of the body (or cell). [There may be more than one role/function.]

List three (3) foods that are good sources for this micronutrient?

What are the health and possible disease consequences of consuming too little of the micronutrient? *

What are the health and possible disease consequences of consuming too much of the micronutrient?

Provide the DRI (Dietary Reference Intake) values for the micronutrient (a) for adult women and (b) for adult men.

* Please note that for a particular micronutrient there may not be adverse health impacts. You may, also, find/discover that beneficial and/or adverse health impacts for a particular micronutrient may vary due to age, gender and/or genetic heritage.

(a) Vitamin D

(b) Vitamin K

(c) Vitamin B3 (niacin)

(d) Vitamin A

(e) Iron (Fe)

Acceptable Sources for Citations

Any .gov website: NIH, USDA, FDA, NSF, NASA, etc.

Science textbooks

Journal articles from peer reviewed journals

Medical sites from hospitals, medical schools, health insurance companiesadvice and info is conservative, based on research.


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